Personal Work

You’re the faintest whisper

Bent on stoic pride

And with the last breath of anger

Comes the tide

Caught between worlds

A faint glow in the dark

Then despite all your wisdom

You’re coming apart

‘Elegy’ was the first sculpture I pursued after deciding to change directions with my work. It is the first sculpture that had a poem as the basis, as opposed to ‘Identity’, to which the poem came after the sculpture had already been made.
To a degree, ‘Elegy’ emerged after watching a documentary about H. R. Giger, and it shook something loose. The words were there first, and then it sort of materialized into an image. And from that mental image I crafted this sculpture. It is one version of it, but I am planning others, one of which will hopefully incorporate light.

The full diameter of this sculpture is about 18″ (46 cm).

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